The traditional loan system has existed for a very long time. Conventional bank loans have remained quite similar in working as they were decades ago. We at Online Cash Loanz understand that borrowers however, exist in a market that has completely changed since the times that the conventional loan options came into existence. We understand that when you’re looking for a loan, you could be in a situation that doesn’t allow for a week’s wait. This is why we provide safe and easy online loans.

Our online loans are flexible, fast and convenient. Sitting at home, in your office or even in your car, you have the loan application accessible to you from your computer or mobile phone. The entire process can be completed from your end right there.

The flexible loan allows you to borrow anything from $50 to $5000 under various schemes of repayment. As a first time borrower you can get a loan as high as $500 and provided the repayment was on track, the limit is taken off.

Online loans applied for through our service are fast. Typically, provided all details and documents are complete and valid, the loan amount gets credited in less than a business day, sometimes in a couple of hours. In today’s day, the speed is what makes our service valuable to most customers.


How does the Online Loan Work?

You can apply for a loan through our simple online application form. One you share the required details and your loan requirements along with the documents asked, your request is matched to a trusted direct lender from our database who would then be reverting to you with a proposal after checking the details and documents and assessing your ability to pay back the borrowed amount (eligibility check).

On your agreement of the terms, the lender gets notified and processed the deposit directly into the provided checking/savings account.

In the less likely event that you do not accept the offer, you shall be given a choice to share the request with an alternate trusted direct lender.

Easy Online Loans with Guaranteed Approval

As discussed above, we put forward your request to a direct lender. We maintain a network of several direct lenders with measured impeccable performances. As long as you’re deemed eligible for the amount you ask for and provided that your documents and details as submitted are complete, valid and verifiable, we can guarantee that our network of lenders would be able to approve your online loan.

No Credit Check Online Loans for Bad Credit

At Online Cash Loanz we work with a strong network of lenders that also includes many who serve people without performing a credit check. This serves two purposes, the first one being that it reduces the time taken to verify details process the loan but the second and more important purpose is that this enables us to extend loans to people with a poor credit history.

The online loans for bad credit are provided after a different kind of eligibility assessment. The lenders verify the authenticity of the provided details and thereafter estimate your ability to pay back comparing the borrowed amount and applicable charges with your income and it’s stability along with the other outstanding debts you may have. We save a select set of direct lenders who can also provide online loans for horrible credit. We hence are able to say that subject to financial abilities of paying back, we are a service of online loans that approve everyone.

Why We Do Not Perform a Hard Credit Check

The safe online loans for bad credit from Online Cash Loanz are not just safe to borrow and rely on, but also safe in terms of keeping your credit health going good.

The reason why our lenders for bad credit holders, would only perform a “soft-check” is that they need to ensure the credit check isn’t tracks and hit further by the loan borrowing. However, when repayment is perfectly in order, over time such loans can still reflect on your credit score to lowly bring it back to a healthier range. Since you communicate with the direct lender, you can choose to make a request for this.

What’s needed to apply for an Online Loan?

For our easy online loans, the requirements are rather easy to meet. The applicant:

  • Needs to be 18 years old or above
  • Must be living in the US and must provide a permanent address and contact details
  • Needs to have a steady income
  • Must provide bank account details for the transfer of the funds

Flexible Payments of Online Loans

With Online Cash Loanz, you benefit from flexibility in two ways – one, before you close the deal for the loan and two, if you need to delay a scheduled payment after the loan is disbursed and before the actual payment date.

Before you close the online loan deal with the lender, you have the option to pay a loan back in multiple installments if you need to. This can be done via the application.

If you learn that you shall be unable to pay the loan back on time, it is highly advisable that you contact the lender at the earliest, to inform and to learn the best option available to you. Your contract terms will also state the available option(s).

Other Convenient Terms of Online Loans

Online loans come with more added benefits that could greatly benefit a borrower under certain circumstances.

Option to Extend Payment Date

This option comes as a part of almost all contracts with the direct lenders, even including the bad credit online loans. To know the exact process and options, one simply needs to refer to the terms of the loan agreement.

Take Two Loans at a Time

While most of the loan options from direct lenders would first state that only a single direct lender loan should be active at any time in an account, we do have lenders that extend the option of a second loan in certain circumstances. However we strongly discourage taking up a loan to pay for an outstanding loan.

Independent Eligibility Check

Our direct lenders, after receiving a matched request, conduct their own eligibility check, as explained previously. This neither affects your credit score nor depends on it.

Use to Improve your Credit Score

People use our loans at times to carefully calculate and change their credit health to their benefit. There are two ways in which this can be done. One is timely repayment of the loan you take from us. Some loans could reflect this to improve your credit rating. You need to check about this with your lender beforehand.

The other and more common way people use our easy online loan to improve their credit health is situational. Assuming that a debt repayment due date is prior to one’s next payday and that the borrower is running short on cash at the moment, a quick online loan can be taken with a short closure date. The loan can be used to repay that outstanding debt on time to avoid damage to the credit score and even perhaps improve the current score.

Apply for the Online Loan Now

The online loan application process is short and simple. You just need to proceed to the application page and fill in your details along with the requirements and then attach the documents required. Shortly, you shall hear from us with the ideal matched trusted lender to suit your needs.