Easy and Instant Online Installment Loans

Short term installment loans are our most queried service by people in need of larger loan amounts. We provide direct lender loans to borrowers and our rich database of trusted direct lenders makes our service the best of its kind.

Best Direct Lender Loans

Online Cash Loanz helps you connect with the very few lenders who offer offer from $500 to $5000 in a single go! Our easy approval installment loans are short term loans that one can borrow when in a need, with an intent to pay back over a period of a few months. Being direct lender loans, the credit score and borrowing history of a borrower do not hinder the transaction.

Benefits of Online Installment Loans

The online service is best describes a no-hassle installment loan, simply because there are none! From guaranteed approvals subject to eligibility, to quick transaction time, online installment loans are the go-to choice for almost everyone who takes a direct lender installment loan these days.

Provided all documents and details provided to us are valid and verifiable, your loan shall certainly be approved to the highest amount that could be offered given your ability to repay that is judged from your income and it’s stability.

Installment Loans

Other benefits of online installment loans include:

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Fast approvals
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Fast transactions and turn-around
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Convenience of application – completely online and available 24×7
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Enhanced customer support
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No collaterals asked
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Credit score remains unaffected
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Available for Bad Credit – credit history does not play a role in rejection of a loan request

Authentic Services

Online installment loans with easy approvals are further enhanced at OnlineCashLoanz by the authenticity and transparency in the deals that we make between our customers and the direct lenders. Being customer-centric active mediators and having filtered the best genuine direct lenders, we have created the customer base that has shifted focus from looking online for “installment loans no credit check near me” to simply typing in our website URL and landing directly to our service for their requirements.

We also ensure that your questions and concerns are answered and addressed by us promptly and transparently with complete information, from our team of experts.

What to use Installment Loans for?

Borrowers use installment loans for various needs. Although our lenders and our team do not ask for reasons while you take a loan from us, we can share what the surveys by various entities reveal. Borrowers typically use the short term installment loan money for:

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In emergencies like medical expenses not covered by insurance, urgent vehicle/house repair work, sudden child care expenses
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When more than $1500 is required urgently from a reliable source
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Slightly larger festive shopping that can’t be paid back at once
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When cash is required but the credit score is low, making many options unavialable
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Clearing debt that affects credit score negatively
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When one needs a short term installment loan but doesn’t wish to deal with a bank for reasons like tile tracking, extensive paperwork, indefinite delays etc.
How to Apply for the Short Term Installment Loan

Our process of application is completely online and very simplified. During your application process, the applicant:

  •  Must be 18 years or above in age
  • Must provide valid contact details, such as a mobile number, email ID and postal address
  • Must have a steady income
  • Must own a bank account where the loan shall be deposited
  • Must have a permanent US address and be a US resident

Once you provide details and documents to support the above, an assessment of your ability to repay an amount loaned to you along with the applicable charges shall determine the maximum amount that can be borrowed from the direct lender.

The deal and contract shall be shared with you and on your agreement, the online installment loan shall be processed almost instantly. The entire process typically takes up to the next business day to complete but is frequently completed in a matter of a few hours. You can start the process of the application here