Payday Loans Online from Direct Lenders Only

The single quickest and most efficient matching service between reliable and reasonable direct lenders and you, is here! According to a PEW Trust’s survey conducted in April 2017, 74% of the loan borrowers believe that the fee charged for a loan is the single most important criteria that makes them choose the payday loan they would like to take. We at Online Cash Loanz study what makes customers find a deal valuable, and constantly work towards providing services and products of online payday loans from direct lenders only, tuned in accordance with the richest data available out there.

Payday Loans

What is a payday loan? This is one question that we get asked by every first time borrower. A payday loan is an easy-to-acquire short term loan. Essentially, it’s a small amount ($50 – $2500) that one can borrow with the intention to pay back the loan amount with applicable charges on the next payday, typically within 14 days. Certain options may offer longer payment terms. Some state laws cap the amount to $1000 or $500. Our service offers easy payday loans online from direct lenders, matching you to an ideal, trustworthy lender for a quick transaction.

Network of Trusted and Experienced Direct Lenders

Two chief components make up our business strength – our customers (you, the borrowers) and our Direct Lenders. We have always been thankful to our repeat customers and are on consistent listening mode to learn about their experiences and thereafter work towards continuous improvement.


We hence benefit from a robust network of trusted and experienced direct lenders of payday loans. Our lenders are reputed to offer lowest rates in the market and often get flexible with their terms even when customers contact at times of trouble when they are unable to pay back on time.

How Fast Would a Payday Loan Credit?

Our online payday loans credit from direct lenders only. The transactions are much quicker than conventional loan processes. A loan once applied for with variable details and documents, is usually processed within one to two business hours. Thereafter, an agreement that’s sent to you awaits your approval and then the credit is processed almost instantly if it’s still done within business hours. The whole process is completed often on the same day as application but can take up to the next business day too.

How big can a Payday Loan be?

State laws govern the maximum amount a payday loan can offer. In some states it is restricted to $500, some states restrict it to $1000 and the rest permit as high as $2500. We suggest that you ascertain the amount permitted in your state, before application. These remain the same for direct online payday loans and other payday loans.

When must the Loan be paid back?

A typical payday loan is designed for a pay back on the next payday. This would ideally be within 14 days. However, options exist where one could choose up to 45 days of payback time. There are further clauses for delayed payments or postponing the payments as well. We strongly recommend reading through the agreements before accepting the loans and should you find the need to seek any clarifications, our FAQ section and Customer Care are there for your kind perusal and reference.

Even though our service connects you to the online direct lender of the payday loan, we gain our reputation of great service as we communicate actively whenever the need may arise.

Why People Prefer a Payday Loan at times?

The reason for payday loans being perpetually in demand are fairly practical. Probably the easiest to acquire, a payday loan is a very quick solution when one needs money in an emergency. Payday loans, coming from direct lenders only, are also one of the very few borrowing options available to people with poor credit scores.

arrow icon Payday Loans are Fast and Easy: The convenience of these easy payday loans online from direct lender, is only the reason that ranks them as the best payday loans. While payday loans are faster and easier than conventional loans as a direct lender deal makes it quick by design, the online payday loans that are completely done from the convenience of your home or office, are even easier to get for these reasons.
arrow icon Some Online Payday Loans offer Guaranteed Approvals: Services like ours are able to guarantee online payday loans from direct lenders because we deal very actively with a fairly large number of trusted lenders. Our instant online payday loans guarantee approval subject to all documents and details being verifiable and provided your income is stable and can support that the asked amount can be repaid with the applicable charges in time by you.
255 payday loans online No Questions Asked: Direct lenders of our online payday loans do not ask the reason why you choose to borrow money and what you wish to do with it. We and our lenders believe in the need for privacy and details not required to assess your eligibility of the loan and ability to repay the loan, are not asked by us during the application process or at a later stage.
255 payday loans online Backup beyond a Credit Card: People tend to use Credit Card for emergencies while these are best used for daily expenses, which are always there despite emergency expenses. In situation where one needs a short term financial help, scenarios can make the direct lender instant payday loans the ideal choice.
255 payday loans online No Paperwork, Fully Online Option: Online payday loans from direct lenders need no paperwork and that also means you need not step out to get one. The complete process is online.
255 payday loans online Payday Loans are also Accessible for Bad Credit Score Holders: This is probably the single biggest advantage for people. Online direct lender payday loans have no credit check and are completely available for people with bad credit.
255 payday loans online Reduced Risk & Unaffected Credit Score: Yet another very attractive reason to choose a payday loan is that it absolutely doesn’t reflect on your credit score. As a matter of fact, people do also use payday loans at times of temporary cash flow issues, to improve their credit score by making a short term borrowing to pay an outstanding debt at a critical time, when the next payday is around the corner but not soon enough.
How to Apply for a Payday Loan?

The process to apply for an online payday loan from a direct lender through Online Cash Loanz is a simplified one. Once you know you’re ready, you can directly initiate the process through our application form and shortly, your instant payday process shall begin!