Managing finances can be a daunting task at times, especially during emergencies and unforeseen situations that may bring up sudden expenses or urges to possess something of value which one cannot upfront afford. Loans, small to large, are often the answer to unexpected expenditures that one isn’t prepared for or wishes to take on.

These expenses however, come with two complications that are a result of today’s financial system.

  1. One needs to have maintained a high credit rating in order to get a loan from an institutional lending service like a bank, and
  2. The credit check and paperwork in the conventional loan system is a time taking process

When one or more of the above points are simply unwelcoming, a No Credit Check Installment Loan from a direct lender, the ideal loan for a borrower.

What is a No Credit Check Installment Loan?

Much like the name would suggest, a no credit check installment loan is an installment loan product where the lender performs no hard credit check (unlike a conventional or a bank loan) and the benefit of this is two-pronged. Firstly, the credit score as per the FICO system does not matter. Secondly, the loan process becomes fairly quicker due to the simplification of the process.


The safety of an Installment Loan with No Credit Check is maintained in a different way from the conventional loan. The typical credit check is instead replaced by a brief yet relevant and current financial check. While the FICO system considers a whole long past, this system simply takes the borrower’s income, its stability and outstanding debts into consideration while estimating the amount of loan one should be eligible to attain.

How Can No Credit Check Installment Loans Help?

Sometimes, an urge to own something of high value or a need in an emergency or an unforeseen situation, calls for a lump sum of money to be available at one’s disposal. When time is running against you and/or your credit score isn’t healthy, a no credit check installment can be your go-to option if the amount you need cannot be paid back in full along with the charges, within a single payment.

Further, while you’re in a need, it’s imperative that you might also be in a hurry and be pre-occupied. Running around, completing paperwork after having to go through the tedious task of searching “No credit loans near me” online and then filtering out what may be a nice source, is just too much of work to pile onto yourself at such a time. This is when the ideal online installment loan services of Online Cash Loanz come into the picture. Through us, you can not only avail a fast no credit check loan from a responsive and trusted direct lender fully online, but can also rest assured that your loan comes with a guaranteed approval subject to the provision of valid and verifiable details and documents and provided that your income deems you eligible for the amount you wish to borrow.

Can I get a No Turndown Installment Loan Online?

A no turndown installment loan or a no turn down installment loan is just another term for a no credit check installment loan with guaranteed approvals, and yes we provide the service fully online.

Associated with a strong database of reliable direct lenders enables us to truly claim that our installment loans with no credit check come with guaranteed approval. As already explained in the previous section, subject to the provision of valid and verifiable details and documents and provided that your income deems you eligible for the amount you wish to borrow, the loan shall definitely get approved.

How do I Apply for an Installment Loan without Credit Check?

The process is completely online. What you need to have ready at your end, to be able to apply online is:
• Social Security Number
• Income Statement / Pay stub
• Checking Account Details
• Verifiable Contact Details
• Age Proof (18 years or more)

These are required while you fill our application for the No Credit Check Installment Loan. Thereafter, from a matched and trusted direct lender, you shall receive the offer with complete and transparent terms. If you agree to the offer, the deposit is done within a few business hours and often instantaneously. Should you choose to reject the offer, you shall have an option to receive a deal from an alternate lender who might make a different offer.

Once you’re ready, you can apply now for your online installment loan from our trusted direct lenders, with no credit check!