Life is a journey that is known to take one through unforeseen situations and circumstances – some great and some not quite. In life today, a lot of situations get easier when one is well-prepared financially for it. Yet being prepared all the time is not exactly possible for everyone.

There come these times when an urgency is real and unreliability is not an option. Money at times is the answer to very critical questions and what could be as right a solution than one that’s both instant and guaranteed? This is where our Online Instant Cash Loans with Guaranteed Approvals gain significance.

Guaranteed Approvals on Online Cash Loans

A lot of loans claim a guarantee on approval after placing stern terms and conditions that get unreal. On the other hand, Online Cash Loanz has a simpler working. You need to provide us documents and details that include:

Social Security Number
Income Statement / Pay stub
• Checking Account Details
• Verifiable Contact Details
• Age Proof (18 years or more)


Once we receive these from you along with the application form, our direct lenders assess your eligibility to borrow the requested money, given your financial health that should reveal your ability to repay the amount.

Provided the details are valid and verifiable and that your requested loan amount is within the assessed eligibility, the Cash Loan’s approval by a direct lender in our network of trusted ones, is guaranteed.

What are Instant Cash Loans?

Considered the best benefit of a Cash Loan, the turn-around-time of Cash Loans that are completely online, is simply the market-leading quality built into the system. Our robust mechanism benefits from a rich and frequently assessed database of trusted direct lenders who have a history of reliability and quick transactions, enabling us to attain the market-bred title of “Instant Cash Loans” for our product.

The process is simple. You apply for a loan and all details are quickly verified by a matched lender. This is done frequently in roughly one business hour. Simpler it is to verify your documents, the faster this stage gets. Once done, you receive a contract specific to your request, detailing the terms. On your agreement, the deal is closed and deposit is executed within a matter of minutes to a few business hours which then just needs to feature in your bank account as provided.

The entire process at an average is amongest the quickest loan processes, and since each stage happens almost instantly during prime business hours, these guaranteed approval cash loans get the term “instant” added to them quite often. In practice, the funds reach the borrower usually on the same or next business day since application.  Best part about this is these are no fax loans.

Why Choose an Instant Cash Loan Online?

Typically while applying for an instant cash loan like product, one evidently is in need of a reliable financing solution and a quick transaction which also means that they are likely to be preoccupied with some work related to handling an emergency situation. This is hence not likely to be a time when running around looking for an “instant cash loan near me” service is really an option. The only viable and practical cash loan is hence one that you can apply for from home, office or on-the-go using your phone. This is why an instant cash loan online is the single best solution when looking for such a product.

Why do some People Advise against Cash Loans?

Our best practices at Online Cash Loanz include believing at fair business which accentuates the need for transparency. We hence bring up a resistance factor so we can fairly answer it instead of avoiding it altogether.

Cash loans are just like any other loan product designed for providing money quickly to people in need, no matter what. The charges are on the higher side but just like most loans, the total expense on the loan does not get too high as long as the borrower pays back on time.

Some people find the ease and quickness of cash loans really comforting and they start taking cash loans on a routine. It at times starts turning into a very frequent transaction and starts getting significantly expensive. This is a situation that we believe it is fair to advise against. It is better to understand it and make use of the advantages when they matter to you, instead of starting to depend on it.

The advantage of a cash loan is transparency and easy calculation. Unlike credit card loans and conventional loans, compound interest is not used here. Compound interest makes budgeting future difficult as interest applies on the principal plus the interest on the amount that’s previously accumulated.

So Cash Loans are a fair option when you’re really in need of a fast loan for a short amount of time and you wish to avoid hassles of extensive paperwork, need a reliable source of money and wish to reduce complicated terms and interest calculations.

Are Quick Cash Loans Online Safe and Trustworthy?

The answer to this totally depends on your loan lender. Just like other cash loans, quick online cash loans also come from a direct lender. A lot of lenders out there who operate independently, might not have a verification or a trustworthy style of operation. Out in the market, is it even possible to know which direct lender has fair and safe work practices?

With a service like ours, there is a strong trust system in place. At Online Cash Loanz, you are being connected to a direct lender that’s already been verified for reliability and good practices. The contracts have set standards and limits that lenders must strictly adhere to.

Furthermore, these lenders have ongoing deals and continuous business from us and they depend on our business for theirs’. These factors add to the fact that cash loan lenders and the industry in entirety, have a close watch by state governments now. Due to a few past incidents, the industry had gained well from the added legal implications of malpractices.

One can rest assured that the market for cash loans is carefully being regulated actively by state governments, making the services more transparent and reliable with each progressive season and quick cash loans available online which are accessible across all states, are hence the most safe and trustworthy options in the market.

For what do People Use Cash Loans?

Cash loans are often useful to people during holiday shopping, emergencies, to avoid borrowing money from family and friends or those who are working on reducing debts that affect their credit health.

While as a best practice, we avoid disrupting the privacy of the customers by mandating them to explain the purpose of borrowing funds, there are surveys that reveal the top reasons why people use Cash Loan services. Reading through these, you would likely be able to understand why an instant cash loan with guaranteed approval is the best cash loan option!

Holiday Shopping Cash Loans

The cash loan market sees and upswing each year near Black Friday, Christmas and Easter. Very often, the offers and deals during this season along with the need to welcome the season weight greater than the charges of a loan, making it a fair option.


Emergencies happen irrespective of one’s credit performance. When in urgent need of money, an instant decision loan with a guaranteed approval even for bad credit score holders, is simply quick at serving, reliable, and above everything, available!

Avoiding Borrowing from Friends and Family Members

A need for money is sometimes fulfilled by borrowing money from family or friends. This solution apart from being unreliable, very frequently leads to reduction of one’s social status, embarrassment and broken relationships. A lot of users of cash loans state their reason for borrowing in surveys as an attempt to avoid borrowing from family and friends.

Reducing Debts

Strict deadlines for debts not being met, reduce one’s credit score and add high penalties. To add to that, borrowing money in the future becomes more expensive and tougher almost permanently. One right move in the direction of clearing a debt on time by taking a short cash loan, can at times be calculated to help you save in the long run.

Online Cash Loanz vs other Cash Loan Services

Online Cash Loanz is a service that matches a borrower’s requirements to the right direct lender, which is gauged by a mindfully curated algorithm. All direct lenders in our database are trusted and reputed for good practices, which are further enhanced by our own industry experience strengthened best practices.

Given these facts, there are many services that are direct lenders themselves and then there are other services that match you to direct lenders.

The services by direct lenders suffer from limited ability of funding and reduced transaction speeds as well as a lack of competition that leads to higher interest rates.

Whereas the other websites that provide a similar direct lending matching service, often suffer from poor customer care and/or obsolete management systems which aren’t able to compare with our modern and consistently updated approach towards maintaining an impeccable database of the best direct lenders of Instant Cash Loans.

In terms of privacy and security of your data, we use the industry standard of 256-bit encryption and we do not sell your data to other loan service providers for advertising.

How to Apply for an Online Instant Cash Loan?

Once ready with the documents and details that we require, you can apply completely online, for the Instant Cash Loan using the application. Shortly, you shall receive the best offer with complete and transparent terms and conditions. On acceptance, the deposit shall be processed at the earliest!